We use long poles to deliver ultra clean water to a brush head and agitate the dirt on your windows and then rinse it off. We don’t just stop at the glass, we also clean the frames (where possible) and the sills as a matter of course. Normal water will dry leaving marks all over your glass. This is caused by impurities in the water left behind when the water dries off. Our ultra clean water has all of these impurities removed and therefore your glass will dry spotless. On our first visit we will perform what is known as a deep clean. This will de-grease the glass and frames to ensure that as much of the dirt, residues, algae, bird droppings and whatever else is evident is removed and  your windows are left as clean as possible. Having performed a deep clean we are able to  guarantee that  subsequent visits will allow your windows will remain as clean as they can be.

Our Prices

If you are unsure of your properties price banding rate please call us on 07387 224018 to arrange a free survey and no obligation quote

  • This price list is based on standard sized properties with standard sized windows.
  • The prices are for  cleaning glass, frames and sill’s are washed every time.  Please note; One off and first cleans involve deep cleaning and is reflected in the price list.
  • This table is intended as a guide only but if your property is fairly standard in size the price will be fairly accurate.
  • If your property is not of a standard size we will provide you with an accurate quote following a site survey.


Property Type One Off  Deep Clean 5 Weekly Repeat Clean 10 Weekly Repeat Clean
Terraced 2 storey £28.00 £14.00 £18.00
Terraced 3 storey £37.00 £20.00 £25.00
Semi Det  2/3 bed
£28.00 £14.00 £18.00
Semi Det 4/5 bed £39.00 £22.00 £28.00
Detached 3 or 4 bed £39.00 £22.00 £28.00
Detached 5 Bed £44.00 £27.00 £34.00
Town House £37.00 £20.00 £25.00
Bungalow up to 4bed
Without roof windows
£28.00 £14.00 £18.00
Bungalow up to 4bed
With roof windows
£36.00 £19.00 £24.00
£28.00 £14.00 £18.00
Conservatory Sides £12.00 £6.00 £9.00
Small Extension £12.00 £6.00 £9.00
Other Services Price
Wash Gutter, Soffit and Fascias (Exterior wash) £6.00 per Metre
Empty Gutters £6.00 per Metre
Empty Gutters and Wash Gutter, Soffit and Fascia
Combined Price
£9.00 per Metre
Conservatory roof clean (Min charge £35) £8.00 per Sq M

Payment Options

We instantly provide or email our customers an invoice after each clean.

This is to let customers know we have carried out their window cleaning or other service and will also show the proposed date of the next scheduled clean.

You will see our bank details on the invoice should you wish to pay us by bank transfer, however, we still also accept good old fashioned cash.